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Look no further, you have found the right tree service Lucas Arkansaw residents. Arkansaw Tree Service can saw a tree like no other tree service in Arkansas! We are an experience local tree service with affordable rates on all services. If you want to find out more information about our services you can continue to read below. If you simply want a quote for tree removal, tree trimming or stump removal, just call us today.

Tree Removal

The most common type of call we receive is for tree removal. Safely cutting or “felling” a standing tree requires a great deal of expertise and skill. Cutting down a standing tree without the proper amount of experience can be deadly. If you are worried about cutting down a tree by yourself, do not have the necessary equipment, skill-set or knowledge you should not cut down a tree. Additionally do not hire a tree service professional that does not possess all of the aforementioned qualities. When you hire Arkansaw Tree Service you can be sure that you are going to have the tree or trees on your property removed safely.

If the tree has already fallen, there is certainly much less risk in the tree removal process a majority of the time. However, fallen trees can still be dangerous. There are times when branches will keep a tree from falling all of the way to the ground. When this happens, it can leave the tree suspended in the air up to ten feet or more in the air. All of the weight from a tree can rest upon a few small limbs which means the limbs can break quickly causing the tree to roll. If a tree has fallen from the roots up the root system probably has a great deal of dirt still attached to it. As you start sawing near the base of the tree there will be a great deal of tension within the cut you are making. When you have breached through the bottom of the tree, the tree truck and the roots may abruptly flip back upright. This is because the top part of the tree was keeping the roots and trunk on its side. When the weight holding the tree down is removed, the trunk of the tree can abruptly go from horizontal to vertical. It can act in a spring like fashion. Hiring an experience company for tree removal is imperative whether the tree is standing or fallen.

Tree Trimming

Most people do not know that tree trimming is an important part of promoting tree health. Trees, like most plants, divert nutrients to parts that are not healthy which robs other parts of the tree from receiving proper nutrition. When tree limbs that are not healthy are removed from a tree it allows the tree to divert nutrients to the parts of the tree that need it the most. Tree trimming can be a dangerous project as well especially when we are talking about trimming branches that are higher up on the tree. It is best to leave tree trimming to those who can trim a tree safely. Additionally, an experienced tree service will be able to let you know when it may be better to remove the tree opposed to just have it trimmed.

Stump Removal

One a tree is removed from your property you should always opt to have the stump removed as well. Stumps serve no practical purpose, are an eyesore, dangerous, and are an obstruction. Our tree service offers stump removal services that are extremely affordable. We use a stump grinder to quickly remove the stump or stumps from your yard. Basically, it is the quickest, safest, easiest and most affordable way to remove a stump.

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